Zenku #194

Bed of lettuce

instead of rice

Weightless colour

Not a Zenku – New Blog for Lego and “Comics” fans

Hello Grasshoppers,

I’m interrupting the Zenku flow – apologies – to invite you to take a look at a new blog I’ve set up recently.

It’s called Last Cat On Mars and caters to my childhood desire to be a cartoonist, except that I can’t draw and it’s taken all this time for me to realise that I can play with Lego and create setups.

So, with the help of Last Cat On Mars – Dr On Mars, or Last to her friends (and we’re all friends here), and my photographic partner in crime (or partner in photographic crime), Lorrie (thank you, Lorrie), the comics have arrived.

You can read more about Dr On Mars, or rather, Last, at the site, but suffice to say she is a self-described Lego tragic and Caption Artiste.

As an aside, the title of the blog is inspired by one of my favourite Australian cartoonists, First Dog on the Moon – his political commentary is spot on and presented in a marvellously funny but scathing and rapier-like fashion. He’s my hero. Also, I misspent a lot of my childhood at the newsagent selecting comics to read at my leisure and have nothing but happy memories of Donald Duck, Archie, Richie Rich, The Phantom, Little Dot, Playful Little Audrey, Little Lotta, Sad Sack, Beetle Bailey, Superman, Batman, and too many others to name.

Let me know what you think. There are a few single panels to begin with, and I’ve just begun a narrative sequence called The Other (L’Autre) Tour de France – Le Tour Des Chefs (The Chefs Tour). After that, a return to the singles.

Last Cat On Mars – Would you want to be the first?

Now, back to the Zenkus if you please blogmeister.