Zenku #305

Dummy* on

the road

Baby’s or driver’s?

Update: *In Australia, the word ‘dummy’ is a synonym for pacifier or binky. ‘Spitting the dummy’ or having a ‘dummy spit’ means someone’s thrown a tantrum over something and spat their figurative dummy out – usually [though not always] more entertainment is to be had when the spitter is an adult. Thanks to LouAnn for letting me know – some slang doesn’t travel well 🙂 especially from the Oz section of Gondwanaland.

3 thoughts on “Zenku #305

    • Hi Louann
      Sorry about that one, it slipped through to the keeper. I should have explained with a note underneath or something that ‘dummy’ is used in Australia for a pacifier or binky – it sure makes it a bit hard to understand that one if you’re not familiar with the particular usage. Re the Zenku, the term ‘spitting the dummy’ in Oz means someone’s thrown a tantrum like a baby, hence ‘dummy spit.’ (We used to use it quite a bit when I worked in the public service and our bosses would go nuts over certain issues). Cheers, Jay

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