Summer Sensation – 400 Zenkus Now With Bonus Heatwave

Who knew? Today is the notional first day of summer here in the southern hemisphere, and we happen to be heralding a heatwave, Zen Kettle’s 400th Zenku, and a poster simultaneously and at the same time, no less.

So, since tomorrow is supposed to offer Antarctic-ice-shelf-melting temperatures of 36 plus (which, on my veranda, where cats lie flat out like lizards basking, will be closer to 40 in the shade, or 104 in the old money), I’d better get this smashing poster up before it, too, sweats off its digital moorings.

Happy 400, friends. I’m off to watch Icelandic thriller Trapped, whose blizzardy beginning I am certain will cool me down considerably.

4 poems to celebrate 400 Zenkus from Zen Kettle on a poster