1000 Zenkus – Really? How Many?

Yes, it’s minimalist, but after all that’s gone before, it’s time for a little rest between the lines. Thank you for reading and I hope you’re writing your own Zenkus whenever you feel the spirit and inspiration of the word upon you. And, as usual, celebrate, friends, and enjoy. Oh, and also, Happy St. Patrick’s Day – boiled cabbage, boiled bacon, and boiled potatoes with a pint of Guinness and an Irish Pipe Band to see it down – what could be better? Don’t answer that.

Poster for 1000 zenkus, but who's counting?

800 Zenkus – Naturally

Every day a magpie couple and their two offspring visit for breakfast and several other snacks during the day. We’ve watched the babies grow up and overcome challenges, and they’ve remained together. We’re also honoured to receive visits from Butcherbirds, Little Corellas, Rainbow Lorikeets, Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos, Crows, Plovers, Ibises, Currawongs, and Bush Turkeys. No wonder there are so many bird poems among the Zenku collection.

Poster for 800 Zenkus celebrating Nature

700 Zenkus – Moments in China, 1984

Today’s China is very different from the China I visited in 1984, but you could see the signs of change and development on the way. The people were lovely, the places amazing, and the food divine. Yes, all the cliches, but true. This reminiscence doesn’t do my trip there justice, but it’s a little homage nonetheless, and a thank you.

Poster of poems about visiting China in 1984

Summer Sensation – 400 Zenkus Now With Bonus Heatwave

Who knew? Today is the notional first day of summer here in the southern hemisphere, and we happen to be heralding a heatwave, Zen Kettle’s 400th Zenku, and a poster simultaneously and at the same time, no less.

So, since tomorrow is supposed to offer Antarctic-ice-shelf-melting temperatures of 36 plus (which, on my veranda, where cats lie flat out like lizards basking, will be closer to 40 in the shade, or 104 in the old money), I’d better get this smashing poster up before it, too, sweats off its digital moorings.

Happy 400, friends. I’m off to watch Icelandic thriller Trapped, whose blizzardy beginning I am certain will cool me down considerably.

4 poems to celebrate 400 Zenkus from Zen Kettle on a poster

Let’s Celebrate 300 Zenkus – It’s the Little Things, Friends

Well, we made it to 300, so it’s a good time to say thank you to the muses and every single moment of attention I can manage to muster in order to pay attention to them.

And thanks especially to everyone who’s read this far and/or taken the time to comment. In particular, thank you to LouAnn at On The Homefront, who recently arrived at post number 1,000 – hats off to you, LouAnn, and thank you also for your encouragement of Zen Kettle and your generous remarks.

Here’s a minty fresh Zenku poster in honour of the loveliness of the everyday.

Perfect Walk Suite - 5 Zenkus